Tour de Georgia - Stage 6 Ride Along

This picture was taken without zoom lens, I was actually 3 feet from Tom Danielson

The most unbelievable day! I went on a ride along in the Comm 2 car for Stage 6 of the 2007 Tour de Georgia. I had credentials which allowed me in the VIP tents, and also access for some amazing up close photos of the riders.

The Comm 2 car leads the race, I basically had the same view that you get from the TV motorcycle! When a break away get a lead over 1 min on the peleton, the COMM2 car slides between the breakaway and the peleton, but stays up just behind the breakaway. The amount of activity that goes on in the car is amazing. It ranges from directing vehicle traffic between the peleton and the breakaway, managing the movement of team cars for the the folks in the breakaway, radioing important information (such as who is in the breakaway) back to race radio, etc.

I was lucky enough to have Nelson Vails as my tour director for the day. He was great about pointing out the best ways to get great photographs, etc.

The most exciting part of the day (besides standing 2 feet from my personal "super star" Dave Zabriske) was the sprint finish. One minute we were crusing comfortably in front of the peleton and then those guys took off and Nelson had to floor it, I swear we did 50 around a 90 degree turn into the finish line! An experience that, I fear, will never be duplicated, but will be treasured! Thanks to Cervelo and Decente for making it happen!

Picture Gallery available:
Stage 6 of the 2007 Tour De Georgia


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