Bike Trailer on the Comet!

We took Jason in the bike trailer today on Silver Comet. Silver Comet is a paved trail that was converted from an old railroad line. Jason loved it because there was an old train caboose "parked" at the trailhead. He climbed on it with me while Alex got the bikes ready. I wish I had a picture of Jason in the trailer, he looked so cute! He seemed to enjoy it, but unfortunately you can't hear him while you are riding. We hooked the trailer up to Alex's new Kuota Kaliper, which is an incredibly light and fast bike... so we thought we should add a 50lb trailer to it. I have to say it looked a little funny, but it did the trick, we are riding as a family again!!!! yippee! We spoke to a nice man with his 2 year old daughter is his bike trailer, he said he will take her out for a 3 hour ride because she falls asleep in the trailer, amazing! Maybe we will work up to it. The silver comet is fairly flat so Alex said it wasn't too hard to pull the trailer.


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