Argh! the pain! the pain!

Okay folks, cannot walk today after Spinnervals "total body conditioning" yesterday... are you kidding me!?!? It is more like total body knockdown. I have to admit, did not think I was doing this much damage during the actual workout. The dvd has a nice "turn off the crappy spinnervals soundtrack" option that enables me to listen to my iPod instead. Oh the pain reducing power of music! I apparently got in a bar fight with my bike without realizing it... my back, chest, abs, and butt are all in pain, guess I need to do a nice lactic acid reducing spin tomorrow morning!

The other big news is that Alex got me an early birthday present... a new Mac!!!! I am ecstatic and am using my free time to edit movies of Jason... I'm such a tech dork. To see the first of the fruits of my labors head on over to Jason's blog to view his new video "I am Specialized". No making fun of the quality... I'm new and our video camera was out of battery so I used the little video feature on the old digital point and click. After just one 24 hour period with the Mac I am converted!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Also, updated the blog a bit, moved to a 3 column layout... hope no one has scrolling issues because of it. Let me know if you do!! Added a new graphic to the title bar... just a little more personal.

Workouts today = 0... it was a work day, plus I was up until 2 am last night playing with the new computer... didn't I mention that I'm a dork!!!


  1. Go Jill! Coach Troy kicks my butt all the time. We definitely have a love/hate/dry heave type of relationship. I've got three of his DVD's...let's trade sometime, I am getting sick of the ones I've got. I feel like I know the people riding too well and they're my friends now....too sad.


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