Nutrition - it's a jungle out there!

I have to admit, I get swept up in some of the diet "crazes" too... Just a couple of weeks ago I was pouring over the internet trying to find out all that I could about "Alkaline Diets". After about two days of sifting through websites and checking out some books (thank goodness for the library or I would be so poor from money spent on some not so useful books), I decided that what it boiled down to was eating more fish and vegetables and less meat and sugars... no? really?!?!

With that miguided adventure in mind, I really liked this article in the latest issue of the CTS newsletter - say what you will about Chris Charmichael (fill in the blanks there), but the newsletter usually has some interesting tidbits. The latest had a short article on a simple strategy to eat healthy... Sometimes K.I.S.S. is what we really need to remember.


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