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I've been a big fan of the comic "Frazz" for several years. The titular character is an elementary school janitor who also happens to be a sucessful song writer and, of course, triathlete. I love the literary jokes in the comic and also the triathlon/cycling references. Today's was especially cute... the back story is that Frazz was coaching a little league team for the summer. The championships was on the same day as a big triathlon. His team didn't want to lose him as a coach so they agreed to not try to win so that he wouldn't have to miss the triathlon... of course with this relaxed attitude the team went undefeated! Just when Frazz embraced the fact that he wouldn't be racing and would instead be coaching the team to a league title, the rain on the day canceled the championship, enabling him to do the big race after all! Today's strip is the day after the big race. Check it out!


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