First double workout in awhile!

Big huge thanks to Kate and Michelle for being there to run with this morning! It takes a lot for me to get up before 5 am to go running, so it is a huge help to know that folks are expecting you and that you'll have a blast! It is crazy how quickly time passes with these ladies! I didn't even notice the 2 hours and 11 minutes (and about 13 miles) because we'd talked the entire time. I never knew I could talk this much while running. Here is a photo of us about an hour in (Kate had to leave us halfway through as mommy duty calls! As an aside, Kate's pretty much mastered the self portrait, very impressive obi-wan!):

L to R: Kate, Michelle, Jill

And Michelle, thanks for pushing me to the gym... that swim felt great! I saw my old swim buddies, it's nice to be back!

If I look a little tired, it's because I was only able to catch 2.5 hrs sleep last night... I love vacation, but I hate coming back with all the work piled up!!


  1. GO Jill GO!!! Good work on the double. Impressive, esp. at the time of the morning.


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