Taking some good advice

Well, to be perfectly honest, I wanted to get it completed sooner than December, but I'm taking the advice of a good friend with a vast amount of experience and I am setting my sites on the Kiawah Island marathon in December. I wanted to do the Atlanta marathon, but Alex thought with family in for the holidays probably not the best day to try for your first marathon. With the only other marathon in the area being two weeks BEFORE the Atlanta marathon, I've decided to go with Kiawah. So thanks to the long weekend, we start actual marathon training in the middle of the week, but shouldn't really be a huge impact on the schedule. I am going to try a bit ofa different approach to marathon training by throwing in some biking and swimming mixed in with the running. It will not be a lot for a tri training program but will be a lot for a marathon only training program. Why am I adding in the bike and swim? #1 I don't know if my body can take all of the running and #2 I don't know if my mind can take all of that running!


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