a night out on the town

My mom is in town this week to help me get some things ready for the baby. Thank goodness, or I probably would have been trying to do it all while in labor or something! The additional upshot to the visit was free babysitting! Alex and I took advantage and headed out to Bistro VG for a nice adult dinner. It was a a true pleasure to make it the entire way through dinner without having to tell a toddler to sit down, face forward and leave his straw in his cup. Dinner was amazing and we stuffed ourselves silly! Then we came home and watched the Celtics win the NBA Finals... which, I have to say I actually became a little interested in basketball... I'm sure it will pass here shortly.

I had Alex take a photo of the belly (we are at 30 weeks! - only 10 to go!); keep in mind this is after the large dinner so it might be a little exaggerated! I also wanted the photo, because tomorrow I say "bye-bye" to all of my hair... it's long enough to be donated to Locks of Love and I thought I should cut it before the baby arrives (all Jason wanted to do was pull on it, so I cut it short when he was three months old and it was long enough to donate). So, I should be sporting a new do by 4 pm tomorrow.

30 weeks

I've been feeling fairly good, still able to run a little... when chased. I've been able to increase my walks to a steady 4 days a week. Olivia (our puppy) is even getting back in shape! I noticed some joint soreness around last week when I started walking more, but now that I've been more regular with the workouts, the soreness has decreased. A good thing, because I was starting to look like an 9o year old lady when I first stood up from a standing position. Yes, fairly embarrassing. So, we've got about 10 weeks to go, and I'm starting to get a little concerned about being a parent again, am I really ready to not sleep for a year? We shall see!


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