8 weeks to go!

We are officially 32 weeks pregnant...

wow, that means in two months or so, we'll have another little boy in this house! For the most part, this pregnancy has been the same as my first in terms of "how I feel". The biggest difference is how little I've prepared for labor, delivery and taking care of the new little guy! There have been days when I've actually forgotten that I'm pregnant... I found myself planning a little end of summer trip in my head, when I realized it probably wouldn't be feasible considering in all likelihood I will have just given birth a week prior! The other time I forget is getting out of bed in the AM, I try to just jump out of bed but it doesn't work that way anymore... I swear it's like moving a whale shark :-D So what does all that mean? I'm two months away and fairly unprepared for bringing a new baby in the house. How does that swaddling thing work again? Where did that bottle sanitizer go? I know we have a bouncy seat somewhere in the basement? And, oh yeah, what do I need to pack in the diaper bag? Oh that's right, everything but the kitchen sink! :-D

Jason is getting anxious to be a big brother. He asks me everyday "when will he be big enough to come home?" He even includes him in our games... we fly in our "airplane" (jason's bed) to Japan on occasion and Jason decides which toys he will bring, last week he decided that he also need to pack baby toys for his little brother. The plane is getting rather full. I'm glad he's excited, but I still worry he's in for a big surprise when his little brother arrives and all he can do it stare into space and cry :-D

I'm sure we'll all get the hang of things after a few weeks or so... right?!?!


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