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I have the pleasure of editing/reviewing some of the posts on the site. This week Laura Sophiea has been sending her journal from her cycling tour in France, a little warm up to enjoying the Tour de France spectacle. This week she climbed col du Galibier and Alp d'Huez among others. Here is her story.

I cannot express how jealous I am of her adventures, especially as I sit here with pregnant belly growing bigger everyday. I haven't been on my bike on the road since I found out I was pregnant (dr. orders! I'm just too accident prone to take the chance) and I've started hating everyone I see out of the road!

As for me, I've been feeling well, still walking almost every other day, and riding the recumbent bike at the gym. The belly stopped fitting on my road bike about a month ago. I'm so excited that our gym is finally open! Yeah Lifetime Fitness! It is absolutely amazing! Plenty of bikes, tredmills, etc. available. I've even started, gulp, lifting weights, as they have the great machines, that are like bowflex on steriods. There are options for strengthening my hamstrings without worrying about balance or my belly getting in the way. The pool is great, the perfect temperature. Can't say enough great things about the place and most importantly, Jason LOVES going to the kids club while he is there so I don't have to feel guilty about working out!


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