One more GCoW Update

One more chapter in the GCoW saga comes from my favorite comic-strip writer Jef Mallet and the Frazz Comic strip. I hate how familiar this sounds:

A couple of weeks ago my son climbed in the car and said "Mommy," sniff-sniff "Do you smell that?" Oops, left the bathing suits in overnight! Yuck!


tribirdie goes No Sugar No Grain


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Tribirdie Goes No Sugar No Grain

I started eating following the rules
No Sugar
No Grain

I am posting what eat each day on tumblr. I'm sure I'll make some mistake along the way, feel free to heckle!

tribirdie's No sugar No grain photosettribirdie's No sugar No grain photoset


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"
- Steve Prefontaine
"Shut Up Legs"
- Jens Voigt
"No quit in this body. No quit in this Mind"
- Jill Poon (inspired by Jason Overbaugh)