an eventful 2 weeks!

I am happy to report that so far AJ has been a model baby. I like to call the first two weeks the honeymoon period. He's been sleeping a ton, doesn't have the energy to be to fussy and has had a couple of decent stretches of sleep at night. The tough part; knowing it's all going to change shortly as he becomes less sleepy and more interested in the world around him. Of course it's the fun part, it's just more complicated.

We really needed the honeymoon period this week, as I got one of those phone calls you never want to get from your spouse. Wednesday morning, I'm hanging out with Jason, AJ is sleeping and the phone rings, it's Alex. I'm thinking he's at work and needs me to do something, nope...

Alex: Don't freak out, I'm okay
Me: Oh no, what happened
Alex: I was in a car accident, I'm in and ambulance, the airbag burned my hand

It turns out someone made a left hand turn across oncoming traffic just in front of Alex, no time to stop, he attempted to mitigate the damage by employing some race track driving skills. Everything seems to be okay now, it was just a tense couple of hours. Jason, of course, heard my reaction and wanted to know if his daddy was okay... poor kid, it had been just about a week since he'd seen his mommy unable to easily get out of hospital bed and now his daddy was in an ambulance!

Luckily, timing wise everything worked out with AJ's eating schedule, so I was able to fairly easily pack everybody into the car and get to the hospital, seeing his daddy for the most part okay made Jason feel a ton better! Now we are just waiting to hear if the car was totaled, Alex is a little heart broken about having to say good bye to his mini Cooper S.

In other news, Jason also had he first day of pre-school this week! Here is the family photo he took to school with him, complete with our latest addition!

In fitness news, I'm feeling better, able to walk up and down stairs without difficulty, getting out of bed is still pretty painful, but we are working through it. Hoping to find sometime to get on the bike here soon to test things out, I just need to be careful not to mess with the stitches!


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