Push Presents

I'd never heard about a Push Present until I arrived here in Atlanta. Apparently, the husband of the pregnant wife is supposed to be prepared with a nice piece of jewelry or something of the like to commemorate the big event (yes, I'm talking about birth here). Well, I guess I'm not much of a jewelry person... I'm afraid I'll lose it, I actually don't remember to change my earrings... I used to wear necklaces and bracelets, but Jason always pulls on them so that is out now. So, I've been thinking what would be on my list of preferred "push presents"; in no particular order:

1) a WiiFit/Balance Board - I've got to get the core back in shape!
2) long term commitment for hubby to watch kids on a Saturday a couple of times a month to give me time to go on a guilt free long ride
3) a pair of Newton running shoes
4) 3 months of personal training
5) Zipp Vuka Aero Bar (ha ha)
6) Bike Rack for the back of my car (I haven't had one on the car since I drove into the garage after forgetting my bike was on top... good thing about the titanium bike, the roof rack ripped off the car, bike was fine)
7) Spring/Summer 2009 tri clothing line from Sugoi
8) A shopping spree at Athleta
9) Some new pairs of Keens

I could keep going... but that might take awhile!


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