We are Home!

Today is actually our 2nd full day at home. We came home on Wednesday in the late afternoon. Everyone is doing well. A.J. had his check up with his pediatrician today. He is healthy and gaining weight, almost back to his birth weight which was nice to hear. Jason went to his pre-school picnic. A big Thank You to Nana and Papa for taking him, as it was during A.J.'s dr. appt.

Being home after the c-section is driving home the point that I am not very good a being "in recovery" but I am trying to follow the dr. instructions hoping it gets me healthy again quickly. I thought I was doing really well, until I went to Target with my Mom last night to get some last minute items for AJ. I made it from the front to the back corner before I broke out in a cold sweat from the pain at the incision site. I felt like the biggest baby, but I actually waited at one entrance after checking out, while my mom walked to the car at the other entrance and picked me up... pathetic!

Everyday feels better though and I'm hoping to be back to, well maybe not normal, but at least able to make a trip to Target in a few days.

Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone for all the thoughts and best wishes. Also, big thanks to Michelle for visiting us in the hospital and bringing fresh fruit, it was like manna from heaven! We couldn't be more excited to be parents again and just very thankful that everyone is home and doing well.

We added some photos of AJ's early days here.


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