Notes on a c-section

A lot of people have been asking me about the c-section and how I feel about it; the expectation is that I was dissapointed. I've been really vocal throughout my pregnancy about my desire for a completely natural delivery. I suppose I was feeling a little cocky about labor and delivery after Jason's 4 hour arrival and expecting things to go just as easily this second time around. I made sure I did things as closely as possible to my first pregnancy... continued to workout, and my weigh gain was withing 3 lbs of my first pregnancy. I was feeling confident, but when it comes right down to it, no matter how much we plan for something, there are things we don't have control over.

In a race, we could have a mechanical issue, or loose goggles in the swim, or make a mistake like messing up nutrition and so our race goes off plan. We make adjustments and finish as best we can. We finish the race, maybe disappointed that it wasn't our best race, but in the end, we finished and accomplished something... or some cases we DNF but we learned something to help us in the next race.

So, am I dissapointed with the c-section? Yeah, sure, because it wasn't what I had planned. However, when it comes right down to it, the c-section was the best thing for the baby, and that's all that matters to us. I know that we did everything we could to avoid the c-section but in the end we made the decision that was best for AJ. Sure, it wasn't the labor and delivery that I had "planned" but I still have my amazing little boy and there is now way in the world I could be dissapointed with that.

I'll take the extra weeks of recovery and hey the tri training after c-section, it's just another challenge, right?


  1. Very true. Plus, now you have a cool scar to show the boys how tough mom is.


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