Excuse Me, I Just Farted

Okay, I feel compelled to post because as I was reading Kate's blog about her lovely family and completely enjoying the fabulous photos of dear Ella and her Rudolph nose... I noticed something sad... in Kate's list of blogs the only person posting less often than me was Hunter Kemper... hmmm, guess I've been a bit of a hermit lately. On the other hand... I did split my blog and I've been better at keeping the boys' up to date.

That (hermitage) is my M.O. post baby. I don't think people heard from me after Jason was born until I sent out invitations to his first birthday party. Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration but not by too much! Things have been a bit better this time around thanks to the need to entertain Jason and good friends who have done their best to get my sorry butt back out into the world. So thanks for that guys!

So, do I have a point to this post, or is it just simply a function of getting to the top of Kate's blog list... I actually do have a point... and it isn't to mention the disturbing trend of Jason using the word "actually" as much as I do. As in "Actually, mommy, I want the train to go up a double hill". Kids, they really are a mirror to our worst habits sometimes!

Oh, yes, my point... I had a life changing moment watching the Nanny Diaries the other day... Seriously?!?! (Which, BTW my husband just brought to my attention that I say "seriously" a little too much... but I mean, seriously, can you say it too much?!?!) The movie itself was pretty much what you can expect from a movie called "the Nanny Diaries" i.e. Nannies, kvetching, bad parenting and a cute precocious kid. What really got me, is a line at the end, where the Mom writes in a note to the Nanny an epiphany she had, that knowing her child is her life's greatest privilege.

A privilege. It IS a privilege to be a Mom. In the midst of the 4 month old/4 year old chaos that is currently ruling our house I had pretty much forgotten this. I thought about this, took a deep breath and realized that spending time with my kids is the best part of my day. Oh sure, when AJ is crying and Jason is climbing on me sometimes I want to just walk outside and start running (don't call DeFaCs I'm not going to do that) but in the grand scheme of things it is a pretty awesome (in the true sense of the word) job to be responsible for raising productive and engaging members of society. Along the way, you get to laugh your butt off too! Let's take for instance tonight, when we were leaving our neighborhood vietnamese restaurant Pho and Com (best Pho in Roswell people!!!) and Jason yelled out for EVERYONE to hear "EXCUSE ME, I JUST FARTED!"... The entire restaurant cracked up! Well, at least he said Excuse Me!


  1. welcome back, mommy!

    Btw--start thinking 'bout john tanner in April...I want to do that one.


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