Oh! Oh! I got upgraded!

I was at the gym today (a minor miracle every time!) and I was able to workout without being called to the child center to pick up a crying baby(a MAJOR miracle)! In fact AJ was sweetly sleeping whenI picked up the kids.

Today was my "pre" fit test for the T.E.A.M. Fitness program. This is just a 5 min warm up followed by 30 min on the treadmill, as fast as you can go for 30 min. I wasn't exactly sure what I could do for 30 min, so I started out at 10 min miles and kept moving up every 2.5 mins until finally landing at 8:45 min miles. I was able to go 3.33 miles in 30 min, an avg of 9:00 min miles. I thought that was pretty good after basically 4 months off of working out and having not run in about 11 months! Interesting numbers off the watch:
Max HR: 197 bpm
Avg HR (including 10 min cool down): 173 bpm

We also measured my weight and body fat % today... and I am SO not posting those numbers. Suffice to say, I'm not a light as I once was.

The cool news, it turns out that I'm already fit enough to start with Boot Camp instead of Fitness. Also good news, my c-section inscision barely bothered me today!

Start date is Jan 5th 10 am, I can't wait!!


tribirdie goes No Sugar No Grain


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Tribirdie Goes No Sugar No Grain

I started eating following the rules
No Sugar
No Grain

I am posting what eat each day on tumblr. I'm sure I'll make some mistake along the way, feel free to heckle!

tribirdie's No sugar No grain photosettribirdie's No sugar No grain photoset


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"
- Steve Prefontaine
"Shut Up Legs"
- Jens Voigt
"No quit in this body. No quit in this Mind"
- Jill Poon (inspired by Jason Overbaugh)