Boot Camp Day #2

Today's workout was some more circuit training. Still sore from Monday but getting better at the agility stuff. I got a naughty note at the Kid Center for going over my 2 hours by ten minutes (I was trying to get in a run AND shower after class, I guess I just have time for the run). The boys were great, no crying baby or big boy! Yeah!

I wore my HRM for the first time in class today. I'll be interested to see the #'s go up and hopefully down for the intervals.

Came home from the gym and had arts and crafts time with Jason

AJ is chilling in his exersaucer:


tribirdie goes No Sugar No Grain


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Tribirdie Goes No Sugar No Grain

I started eating following the rules
No Sugar
No Grain

I am posting what eat each day on tumblr. I'm sure I'll make some mistake along the way, feel free to heckle!

tribirdie's No sugar No grain photosettribirdie's No sugar No grain photoset


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"
- Steve Prefontaine
"Shut Up Legs"
- Jens Voigt
"No quit in this body. No quit in this Mind"
- Jill Poon (inspired by Jason Overbaugh)