Square Peg Round Hole

square peg = The things I want to do
round hole = The reality of my life

I spent the week trying to smash the square peg into the round hole... the result? lots of bruises. and darn if that square peg isn't way bigger than that round hole!

I am calling for a first full week of the new year do-over. Nothing went as planned this week. This includes starting my TEAM training at the gym.

I was thinking about writing all the things that went wrong this week... but as truly unbelievable as it seemed while I was living it, it would be as boring as all get out to read through. Suffice to say the week started with my car NOT starting on Monday, proceeded to the middle with me having a "discussion" with the head of the Child Center about not having space for my older son when I have a reservation for the baby, and culminated in me finally getting the boys to the gym on time for my workout/class on Friday when, while standing in line at the infant center, I picked Jason up, put him on my hip and he proceeded to pee his pants soaking him and me. I'm not kidding, it was that kind of week. Poor kid, he can still get a little distracted in that area. Plus, I'm feeling kind of bad about posting that info on the web. Apparently not badly enough to delete it though.

I'm trying to get geared up for next week, here's hoping I can be a bit more productive! Although, my firefighting skills got a real workout this week!


  1. guess you're happy monday is here, huh?

    i know it is not funny, but jason peeing on your leg cracked me up....just a little bit.

  2. to tell you the truth, as gross as it was, when I think about it now I just have to laugh. It was the ultimate in toddler "add insult to injury" :-D


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