Hitting a light post on the road to fitness

Quite literally! It was a rainy day in March and I was attempting to find a spot closer to the front door of the gym because I didn't want the kiddos to get soaked. I guess I wasn't as aware as I thought I was, ran right into the black light post in the middle of the black parking lot on a very gray day. No excuses, apparently I'm just visually impaired even WITH my contacts!

Most importantly the kids are fine, and I'm just a little banged up... hit my knee on the steering column. It is already feeling better, should be fine in a day or so. The sad thing... I missed my last day of boot camp! Yep, 12 weeks down and I'm feeling well on my way to a fitter me!

So the final numbers are in... looks like I lost about 5 lbs of total weight, but my body fat % went down my a very unscientific 3%. And I'm almost back into my pre-preggers jeans. Most importantly, I am much stronger! The best part about the entire class was having the "team" aspect motivating you to show up AND the variety of exercises that we did. I hadn't realized how limited my swim, bike, run only workout regime was until I took this class.

Next steps: as silly as it sounds after that last sentence, start spending more time in the pool, on the bike and out running... I've got a race to get ready for after all! John Tanner sprint on April 25th. I still have about 8 lbs of weight to lose to get back to pre-baby weight, but I'm not sure I will get there due to the extra muscle I added during book camp, but we will see!

Wanted to add a big Congrats to everyone who raced the ING Half and Marathon this past weekend, you guys rock! Especially Kate, who rocked an almost PR time after giving birth to lovely baby Alice only 8 months ago! Awesome, in the true sense of the word ;-)

Also Congrats to my BFF ;-) Rachel who completed the Raleigh Half Marathon (okay I'll be honest, I don't know the actual name of the race but it was 13.1 for sure!) with a PR and over :45 per mile faster!! YEAH!!!!


  1. Thanks, Jill! Sorry to hear about your "vision problems". That stinks! Hope your knee is okay.

    Can't wait for John Tanner -- it'd better be heating up soon...I don't want to get into that lake as it is...certainly not when it is this COLD!


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