First Race of the Season - Mission Aborted! Yuck!

So, I was supposed to race this past Saturday... I didn't... no injuries... I was ready to race, but family comes before racing and on Saturday, my family needed me to stay home. AJ is still on dr. ordered every 3 hour nursing, and with the race being 1.5 hours away, even if we pushed to 4 hours, things weren't looking too possible. I tried like anything to stock pile some milk, but there isn't anything to spare. To top it off, Alex had to work and Jason needed someone to take him to soccer practice... all signs point to stay where you are needed!

Needless to say, I was in a VERY bad mood on Saturday, thank goodness I had a nice bike ride with friends today to smooth the rough edges!

In happy news congrats to all my friends that raced! Everyone had great results, including Incredi-Kate, with a first place AG finish!

In training news, knee is almost 100% after the accident. It was miraculously helped by a little "cold laser" treatment from my trusty chiropractor, Dr. Pam! I'm running up to 6 miles without soreness as of today!

had a thought today about writing down my top 3 for different baby things today... examples would be my top 3 workout bras for nursing moms:
1: Last Resort Bra - truly, no bouncing here ladies
2: 3 Reasons Support Bra - the velcro adjusting straps make for easy nursing access
3: well, okay bad example, these are the only two I've liked lately...

as an aside here - I wonder why Gap companies bought Athleta, over Title Nine... they've always seemed rather similar to me... Although, interestingly if you go directly to it doesn't show the association...

anyhow, thought it would be a fun way to keep track of some of the things in my life right now...

top 3 baby clothes
1: Baby Gap onesies - so soft!!
2: Sailor hat from MiniBoden - keeps the sun off of AJ's bald head!
3: Crib Shoes - no sock lines on chubby legs (socks are required at the child center in the gym)

Okay, enough rambling for one evening!


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