The 10% Rule - I really should know better

On Sunday I accomplished my longest run since giving birth to AJ... a nice 1.5 hour run (about 10 miles) with my good friend Michelle. Typical of running with Michelle, I didn't really notice the minutes and miles ticking by. About 1 hour 15 min into the run Michelle asks, "how far do you want to go, what has your longest run been?" I answer, "a little over 6 miles." Michelle says, "well, then you are just blowing the 10% rule." I said "yes" and laughed not thinking of it. you see, I've always blown the 10% rule. (10% being the amount by which you increase your long run week after week, never more the 10% more than your longest run before) I always get a little too anxious to ramp up the milage and one day just decide that I'm feeling good and I just go.

Well, I'm guessing once you hit 34 you need to pay attention to the 10% rule. Never, in my 23 years of long distance running have I ever been as sore as I've been since Monday. I'm talking wake up in the middle of the night in pain because I rolled over kind of pain.

and yes, I did drink a recovery drink after the run. but no, I didn't take and ice bath, and I haven't taken any advil (still nursing, plus I'm not a big fan anyhow). I've been using "the Stick" and I'm sure I'll be as good as new in a day or two, just funny to have this happen because, I really should know better.


  1. Jill! Who knew...that dern 10% is so true! I continue to make this mistake as well - when we will learn? It was a good run though and I probably would have cut it short, if not for your company. :) Back to training with bang, huh?

  2. funny! i have a 5.5 month old and 6 miles (well, 6.2) has been my longest since also. good to know i should be careful (i'm also 34) when i go "long" again!!


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