Competitive: nurture or nature?

Working on yoga breathing with Jason at night to help him calm down
before bed. I wanted him to slow his breathing down; conversation went as follows:
ME: why are you breathing so fast?
JASON: I want to win.
ME: okay, whoever breathes slowest wins
Jason starts to breathe slowly and I count out five breaths
JASON: did I win?
ME: yes
JASON: did you lose?
ME: I came in second.
JASON: so you lost.
Satisfied he gets up to get his books for storytime.

I'm not sure which is funnier the fact that he thought there had to be
a loser or my inability to say I lost.


  1. Virginia is the same way with wanting to always be the winner. I love this concept of using this to get them calmed down.

  2. very funny! And not surprising at all! :)


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