Confessions of a triathlete mommy

The following had been in my "draft" posts for a bit... just been adding to it while I think of stuff...

I haven't been posting anything to the blog for a long time now; primarily because it is difficult to put anything that's happened lately into a sentence let alone a paragraph. My mind feels like it is constantly going a million miles an hour but I'm not getting anywhere.

It's been a bit like running 10 mph on a treadmill... I'm hanging on, but barely.

The "two kids" situation was going along quite smoothly, we'd settled into a nice rhythm; and then summer hit! For the month of June, if I wasn't packing to go somewhere, I was going somewhere, or I was there... it felt like we were anywhere but home. Not that all the trips weren't fun. And the kids were great, but kids love a schedule, heck, I NEED a schedule and the beginning of June was one big chunk of time without a schedule.

So here are a couple of things I need to get off my chest...

1) In the past year, I've gone a week without showering, several times... the really gross thing... that does not mean I didn't workout. I only get 1.5 hours in the infant room at the gym, so by the time I swim and run, sometimes there isn't time to shower... that's why I started swimming after I run. Smelling like chlorine is the lesser of two evils.

2) I can't keep a schedule in my head, if it isn't written down on the calendar I don't remember... and I'm really bad about writing stuff down on the calendar. Not a good combo.

3) If I don't workout at least every other day I am one mean woman.

4) I haven't slept through the night in a year... seriously. On the nights when AJ would miraculously sleep through the night, I would always manage to choose that night to stay up to get projects done. argh! So, if you are talking to me and I zone out a little... yeah, I may have just fallen asleep standing up.

5) I have never gotten myself up before AJ to get my workouts done... this could have something to do with the fact that AJ wakes up at 5:30 am... but mostly it's because the only way I am getting up before 5:30 am is if my baby needs me. I figure I put my early morning time in during high school swimming and collage crew practice.

6) I do most of my bike rides on the trainer, why? because I do most of my bike rides between 9:00 and 11:00 pm. No matter what time of year, that's too late to ride outside.

7)the worst: my house is a damn mess. It's a really good day when everyone has clean clothes to wear and food to eat. I've given my kids "dinner" made completly of things from the freezer... frozen mac and cheese, frozen veggies (shamless plug for Trader Joe's organic Foursome, yum yum!!), frozen chicken tenderloins... yes, I do heat it up before I serve it to them. Wow, just realized as I wrote that... all those items come from Trader Joe's.

8) and last but not least: I loooooooooove ice cream... really hope no one ever tells me I have to stop eating it. Of course, I probably should stop eating it for lunch.

9) okay adding in another as long as I'm confessing: I read the twilight series and I enjoyed it. I became so adamant about know what happens next I read the book while riding my bike. and then after I finished all of them, I bought the movie to watch while I ride the bike... my reasoning? the music is really good.

10) haven't done any core work, yoga, pilates, etc. in months; if I have a free moment... I messing around with facebook or playing sudoku on my iphone.

11) If it comes down to it and I have to choose between hanging out with my husband and watching TV together or riding my bike by myself in the basement... I'm hanging out with Alex.

okay, I feel better now... thanks blog world for allowing me to get this off my chest since, I think I've already said all of this stuff to the 5 people that read my blog :-D

So, yeah, I do this thing called triathlons, I've got two kids, I workout about 5 times a week, and I'm happy, but it doesn't mean I have it together... not even close.


  1. i would starve without trader joe's. you're not alone. i wish i would get my ass on the trainer at 9pm. because i won't get up early to work out either.


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