Accidental Workout

Okay, this is really weird... Jason just left with daddy for school, and AJ is still sleeping... I am in the house with time to myself before my little "to do" calendar alarms start going off! I guess I'll take a moment to write down some funny stuff from the weekend...

On Saturday, Alex was working, so it was just me and the boys hanging out... AJ napped *twice* which is unheard of and that meant that Jason and I had a lot of time to be just the two of us again. Something we both appreciate... a few race tracks, train tracks and a family room obstacle course later we were looking for something to do after AJ woke up from his nap... Bike Riding!! this is where the accidental workout comes in... I've started to pack up Jason bike and the jogging stroller in the car and driving to the neighborhood near us that has not been finished. They have about a .25 mile section that is paved, flat, but no one really lives there (maybe two houses). AJ in the jogging stroller, Jason on his bike and me huffing puffing as I try to keep up with Jason. at one point he said "mommy, why do you have to bring the jogging stroller, it doesn't go as fast as my bike". Just for fun I brought my Garmin to see how fast he was going... I was having to run a 6:30 pace just to keep up with him... yeah, that explains the being out of breath part... good track workout!

Then it started to drizzle and we stayed out... then it started to rain, and I said, let's head back to the car... we got to the car... deluge! I think we probably made and entertaining site for the two folks that live there!

Piled everything in the car, made our way home, and thank goodness for garages!

On Sunday, I was in the same neighborhood, for my long run... again about 1 mile from home it starts raining, but it was one of those "perfect for running in" rains. I love they way it feels to run in light rain. I was soaked by the time I got home, but very very happy! A great way to finish the last big block of training before Tugaloo in two weeks!


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