Gotta stop the late night

Once again I didn't get to my workouts until 9 pm last night... I either have to stop working out so late OR eat better... Probably have to eat better!

Yesterday's food intake was probably close to this:
- Cheerios with milk
- Chocolate covered almonds
- AJ's leftover yogurt (about 2 spoonfuls)
- baby carrots
- cheese
- pita chips
- more chocolate covered almonds
- 3 forkfuls of dinner (penne with zucchini in a spicy tomato sauce)

very grab and go... something I need to work on.

Other than the fueling issue, swim and run felt good, mostly uneventful. road rash wasn't too painful in the water, the over-sized waterproof band aid seemed to do the trick.

Recent Tweets:
  • Just got back from AJ's 1 year dr appt; got the all good on his weight! whew!
  • Warning: night run hazardous to your health, esp the when your baby uses your knee to pull himself up with! Ouch! about 21 hours ago
  • can't believe AJ is one year old today!!! My how time can fly! Happy Birthday little man! #fb 1 day ago
  • Just as soon as Jason is done using my head as the moon for his lunar module landing. Boys. :) #fb 1 day ago
  • Feeling better; getting boys to bed then I'm headed out for a brick! #fb 1 day ago


tribirdie goes No Sugar No Grain


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Tribirdie Goes No Sugar No Grain

I started eating following the rules
No Sugar
No Grain

I am posting what eat each day on tumblr. I'm sure I'll make some mistake along the way, feel free to heckle!

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"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"
- Steve Prefontaine
"Shut Up Legs"
- Jens Voigt
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- Jill Poon (inspired by Jason Overbaugh)