Head in the game

"I've lost the edge, I'm sorry sir." - Cougar Top Gun

This week has been really tough for me mentally. I've been getting my workouts done, but just that; checking them off like a to do list. No fire. No passion. Just getting it done.

Not really sure what to do about it; nor what's causing it; my workout ennui. This week, while busy and a bit stressful on some fronts is actually less busy and stressful on others; so kind of a wash. There are a lot a variables I could consider but true to my frame of mind; whatever. :)'

I'm just tired... tired of worrying if AJ will wake up before I get that last interval in, tired of haul the kids to the gym, tired of worrying if I am taking too much time away from my family to workout, tired of being tired... gosh, I'm a real downer today... think I'll stop here.

it is what it is I suppose and I hope to get over it soon; I'm remixing my workout mix in an attempt at an adrenalin shot! I've added "Invincible" from "ok go", Fireflies from "owl city" and an old favorite "move along" by the ever-present workout mix band all-american rejects. I've only got about 3 weeks before my big race so this is no time for BS.

In other news; wishing good luck to everyone headed to nationals this weekend! I'll be thinking of you! Go get 'em Kate, Lauren, Elaine, Yvonne, Ken and of course my coach Laura Sophiea! Enjoy it!

Recent Twitter Activity:
  • Watched "into the wild" on the trainer this am, can't get my head out of it; want to get back on the bike tonight just to finish it. #fb about an hour ago
  • Jason had a great first day at pre-K and I got a great new bracelet! Jason said it's for working out. #fb http://twitpic.com/eisez about 21 hours ago
  • A great deal on great reuseable bags! RT @Reuseit_store: we're offering 50% off our Eco-Circle bags for 24 hours! http://tinyurl.com/kpw7lq about 23 hours ago
  • A lot of triathletes riding at riverside today! Very cool to see! Just finished jason's meet and greet for pre-k - school starts tom! #fb


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