The ID is winning

Thank goodness for Freud and his funny name for that little "devil" voice in our head... the Id, the one that says:
"mmmm, chocolate chip brownies sound good right now... oh look you have all the ingredients you need!" - because brownies wouldn't be enough, you need the chocolate chip ones!
"you are really tired today, maybe you don't need to go the gym"
"laundry... ah, you can do that later; let's re-read twilight"
although sometimes it is helpful too... as in just after putting boys to bed for the night "just take a short nap, you'll feel better" (nap tends to turn into the entire night, but I usually feel better in the am)

So lately I've been letting the little voice win, often... brownies? check, naps? check, skip workout? check. The question is, how bad is that for me? Shouldn't I let it win every so often? otherwise, I might go crazy, right?

wait, I just admitted to hearing voices in my head... I guess it's too late, I already am crazy.


  1. The ID has to win sometimes or we would be no fun. No fun at all. :)

  2. Amen, sister! and you know how much I hate being no fun :-D

  3. at least you have someone else to blame! or, at least a different part of yourself?


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