Application Denied!

I just received word my application for Mother of the Year was denied; although it apparently caused some individuals on the review board to fall on the floor laughing.

It all started with my attempt to be a good classroom mom, volunteering to bring in Apple Butter and bread for snack at Jason's school... sounds simple enough, right? Then why am I up at 11 pm the night before baking pumpkin bread and hoping the pumpkin butter will be good enough since the store I normally shop at didn't have apple butter?!?! A Mom of the Year would have purchased said apple butter days ago and have had the bread baked by 9 pm, I'm sure of it...

Oh.. and I decided to make mini muffins instead of bread... my thinking is that it will be easier for the teachers than having to slice bread, and better for little hands... oh, and muffins don't take nearly as much time in the oven.

First bunch of muffins - From Tribirdie Musings


  1. No worries....I got my homemade play-doh sent home last year for a redo...apparently, too sticky. "Mom, did you get the recipe we sent home? This play-doh is unacceptable."

    We can share the award in '10.


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