Last week my mind, this week my legs...

Well I got through my "weak mind" week... but on Saturday the legs stopped coming to the party. Argh! My bike felt awful... could have been the accidental workout... Run on Sunday was actually great, but that's because it was in a light rain and I really love running in light rain; it just seems more fun, like being the crazy kid who plays during the rain storm. Then Monday came... after a talk with my coach, we decided to leave out the run on Monday and only do the swim. According to Laura, if my legs were that dead, running on them wasn't going to get them any faster, just more dead.

I was really happy with that advice, because even my swim felt like a struggle... so yesterday was a rest day and I tried to eat really well and hydrate... today is a crazy day so I will not be able to get to the gym until tonight to do my swim and run, so I'll try to eat really well today to be fueled for late workout.

In other news... I started taking "salt stick" in the morning to keep my electrolyte levels up... I noticed a lot of the water I was drinking was not sticking around in my body for very long, to put it delicately, so I'm taking a saltstick cap a day and we'll see if it helps! It is one of the perks of having a husband who is so involved in the sport, I say "I've noticed such and such" and he's got something to fix it! ;-)


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