Advent Calendar of Giving: Dec 1st

We all know that there is no shortage of good, nay, amazing causes to give our time and/or money to during the holiday season. I always feel like whatever I DO do, it's just not enough... so I thought this year I would blog about one "cause" every day from now (Dec 1st) until Christmas; that way maybe more people will find out about the group, charity, etc. and give their time or money... so here goes...

First up to bat:

Adopt a US Soldier:

On Veterans Day Sharpie wrote on her blog about an article she'd read that stated 25% of US servicemen and women do not receive mail. Carole blog post definitely touched a nerve with me and now I want to get the word out as much as I can! Let's make sure these folks know how much we appreciate the sacrifice they are making on our behalf.

Please read Sharpie's post:
and then think about adopting a soldier... or at least pass the info on!

Happy Holidays!

One last note: going with the holiday spirit; I'm trusting these organizations to be legit. I'll do a quick google search but for the most part if a friend trusts them, I trust 'em. I hope that doesn't get me into trouble.


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