Georgia Organic - 25 Days of Giving: Day 6

I know that there is a lot of debate out there around buying organic food and if it is actually healthier than "regular" food. Look guys, I know it costs more, but there is a reason... it costs more to grow it and grow it properly. And having food on your table that came out of the ground in the last few days vs. the last few weeks, well there is no debate about which one is better for you.

The fresher the food, the better it is... and most importantly... it tastes SO much better!

I'm putting Georgia Organics on the list today because they are doing so much to help folks understand the importance of buying locally and organically grown food. They also provide a ton of resources to folks like me trying to find ways to buy local and organic. They are teaming up with farmers all through Georgia to help make farming "a solution, not a victim".

So, Day 6 of 25 days of Giving is: Georgia Organics (
Georgia Organics

From their website: "Georgia Organics is a member supported non-profit organization working to integrate healthy, sustainable and locally grown food into the lives of all Georgians.

Georgia Organics envisions sustainable, organic and local food transforming our communities to be more healthy, secure and economically-viable. Through innovative networks of sustainable family farms, gardens and businesses, all Georgians have access to nutritious, locally-grown foods via schools, institutions, work places, grocery stores, markets and neighborhoods. Together, growers, consumers, rural counties, and urban communities will unite to embrace the health and heritage of our land and people through the cultivation and celebration of food."

Donations help them continue their efforts to educate and promote organic farming in Georgia, they also need volunteers! More information for getting involved:


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