Medals 4 Mettle - 25 Days of Giving:Day 3

Here we go!! Day 3! First of all a big thanks to James for the following suggestion! I had heard of this group before, but I'm not sure I would have remembered them without his suggestion.

Medals4Mettle :

Medals 4 Mettle is an organization who gives marathon finisher medals to doctors to hand out to patients who, while they may not be able to run a marathon, are showing the spirit and determination necessary to finish a marathon; they are fighting a disease or overcoming a physical challenge.

I know that I treasure the medal I just received from finishing my first half marathon, but I also know if some folks who have run so many, they've got shoe boxes full of medals sitting in a closet. Giving these medals to Medals4Mettle... well, think about how you felt receiving your FIRST and that will get you on the road to understanding how much it would mean to someone to receive THEIR first... a medal for fighting the odds and kicking butt!

There was an article written about the organization and it's founder Dr. Steve Isenberg in Runners World in Sept of 2008:

"Made of Mettle"

If you would like to get involved with the organization there are several options... donate a medal, volunteer or donate money. Got to the website for more info! Also, they have a facebook page:

I hope you guys are enjoying hearing about these groups. It is reaffirming my faith in humanity to read about all the cool things folks are doing to help others!

Happy Holidays!


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