First Full Week of the Year - A Sign of What's to Come?

I know that "the first week of the year" is just the first week of the calendar year... nothing that has to really mean anything. If you are going to start something, it shouldn't matter what the calendar says... but every year, it seems I'm really psyched to kick the calendar year off "right".

Well, let's see... the first full week of 2010 I had about 9 workouts scheduled... I was able to do 3 of the them. yeah, crappy first week...

I was stressing out a little bit by Wednesday; missing 1 workout is not the end of the world for me... but when its starts to be a couple of days without workouts and the # of missed workouts starts adding up... added to the fact that the week before was a "rest" week... yeah, I started to freak a little bit...

and then... I remembered... last year, the exact same thing happened... (square peg, round hole) and you know what, I ended up have a kick butt season...

so... I stopped stressing...

I even spent friday night hanging out with Alex playing "guitar hero: world tour" (I'm actually not to shabby on drums! who knew?!?) instead of rushing to the gym after the boys went to bed to get in a workout because I figured at that point the week was pretty much a wash, and I don't get to hang out with Alex too much anymore :-D

And then... on Saturday... I had a pretty awesome workout!


  1. Glad to hear I am not alone in preferring some solid Wii family time to gym time. :)

  2. We just got a wii two weeks ago. Totally underrated for triathlon training!


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