The Whole Enchilada

hmm... after writing that title, I really want one... but alas, watching calories for few more weeks, trying to lose those pesky pregnancy pounds (yes, AJ is 17 months old, and yes, I have been working out since he was 4 months old... I like to eat, what can I say!!)

okay, so actual enchiladas aside... today is about trying to balance it all out... and by all, I'm not talking about a ton of stuff, just a little bit of stuff, that takes a ton of time.

Husband (oops, wrote husbands at first... only need one thank you! two? nightmare!)

okay, sure there is also, house, car, school, etc. but it can all kind of wrap under the top four there...

oh and if any of my clients are reading this don't worry about work being listed fourth, it's still important!

ahh, so balance... I've been putting in some good solid weeks in the training department lately, feeling good about that, but now that it's a light training week, I'm seeing all the other stuff that got left behind... volunteering at Jason's school, paying bills (whoa! - none late yet, whew!), creating a budget (a to do that's been hanging around since Jan 09 no joke), appts that need to be made, etc.

so, I'm thinking... I'm not so good at the being balanced ALL the time... more like running back an fourth on a tippy merry go round and managing to save it before it all falls to one side.

and then I'm thinking... well, if I save it before it falls over (even if its JUST before it falls over) I guess it's okay, right? just not very Zen...

One thing I'm hoping I took strides to save today... AJ's development. We went to his first Kindermusik class and he loved it! a super star! seriously... wanted to spend the entire class in the middle of the circle of people while he spun and clapped his hands! Found this great place near our house (I'll be able to put AJ in the bike trailer and bike there VERY safely, so exciting!!) that is a Music Therapy clinic and the instructor was phenomenal. It was the same Kindermusik you would find anywhere else, but the instructor was skilled and gave the parents tips for what they could do at home to help develop imagination, vocab, etc. The best part of the tips... they are simple enough that I can do them without spending an hour prepping it! Here's hoping we get him to expand his vocabulary beyond "yes", "no" and "uh!" :-D


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