Let's get this party started!

Well, I'm all rested and recovered from the half marathon... now it's back to serious training, at least according to my coach. This week is the start of my first "big build" for Ironman. Just the idea of it has me giddy!

I've been feeling a bit blah in my workouts lately... could be getting over the cold, but I felt like I'd lost some of the fire in my belly. I had a couple of good trainer rides last week and some nice runs. I missed all but one of my swims :( but the one I had felt good. And now, I'm starting my first big build, and I can feel the desire coming back.

Having one of my friends on Facebook post this video this week helped a lot:

Did you see that lady in the all3sports jersey about to collapse at the finish line?

That's my coach baby!!

You think you can get away with not giving this lady all you got? Maybe you need to look at it again:
Laura, IM Hawaii World Championships 2007

Yeah, no way. I've got an example like this to follow, you bet your ass I'm going to be giving it my all out there.

My first tri of the season is in about three weeks, I'm not ready yet, but...

I will be


  1. My heart is pumping after that video. Now if I can sustain that for another 166 days...


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