Two days in...

Two days into "big block #1" and still excited. Had a nice swim/run on Monday and good solid ride today. I'm writing down my swim for tomorrow... got a little nervous...

one of the sets is 15x100... not a big deal, but the effort level pattern is as follows:
Steady, Steady, Mod
Mod, Mod, Mod/fast
Mod/Fast, Mod/Fast, Fast
Fast, Fast, Hurting
Hurting, Hurting, Dying

it's the Hurting, hurting, dying that has me intrigued... A couple of thoughts jump into my head when looking at this:
  1. I don't have that many swim speeds... I'm pretty much cruise or fast (well, fast for me, not actually fast by any stretch of the swimming imagination). It'll be interesting to see if I can find anything close to this amount of subtlety in my swimming.
  2. Is the speed of Hurting, Hurting, Dying going to be much faster than Fast, Fast, Hurting or even, for that matter, Mod/Fast, Mod/Fast, Fast? I'm wondering if I have that kind of swim endurance yet... Hurting, Hurting, Dying is going to be 1200 - 1500 m... I'm might be hurting hurting dying from having just finished, fast, fast hurting...
  3. third thought... "hmmm... this is going to be interesting!"
So, if you don't hear from me tomorrow night... the hurting hurting dying was possibly taken too literally...

I have a feeling I'll be summoning the ghosts of cheering past in the pool tomorrow... This is when I remember a particular swim meet in high school (my track coach stuck me on the swim team for the winter because I was recovering from stress fractures) when I was "this close" to the girl in 3rd place (If I came in 3rd, point for our team, she comes in 3rd point for her team... no points for 4th) and I'd gain on her every lap, only to loose her on the flip turn (I was a runner, not a swimmer, thank god there are no flip turns in triathlon; I flip and turn, but not very fast) and every time I took a breath, I'd see my teammates and coach cheering me on from the side of the pool, pushing me to go faster and faster... it was totally cool...

since I don't have a masters group to push me, I use that image from time to time to try to get myself to dig deeper.

So tomorrow will be fun times in the pool! Then I get a nice Z3 5mi run afterward.


  1. Wow. Good luck tomorrow and please don't tkae the dying part too litterally! :) sounds like it will be an awesome workout, have fun with it!


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