notes from the tri-cave

I survived the swim! Excited to see two of my fastest 100s to date... as predicted they came during fastfasthurting, not hurtinghurtingdying... well one was during the last set...

I felt awesome after the swim, driving yourself past your perceived limit has a way of energizing you!

Also had a great bike on Thursday. Another trainer ride because I do my rides during the week while my little one naps... I did open the windows and enjoyed a nice cross breeze down in my tri-cave, as Alex calls it. Beats a man-cave any day of the week... well, except if that day is the one where you want to have friends over while your kids are sleeping... in which case the man cave would be better.

Finally got to ride my bike outside on Saturday with my friend Kate. We had a great time!
A little picture of us after the run:

From Racing and Training 2010

It felt so good to be outside!!! It was also nice to see that miles on the trainer do translate to the road, even with the absence of wind, weather, etc.

I finished up the week with a great feeling that given some good recovery I will be stronger than I was at the beginning of the week. I have one word for that... SWEET!

I added a new photo album! Training and Racing 2010 - I'm excited to fill it up!!

I'm getting excited for my first race and I feel like it'll be here before you know it!

Jason is on spring break this week, which is a nice trial run for the summer, and I'll make the decision at the end of the week, if and when I'll need him in camp. It seems so selfish to think, he needs to be in camp so that I can get my training in, but I also know that having a few weeks of camp this summer will be good for him. I've tried to organize some weeks with his classmates so he will have familiar faces!

Easter was fun, it seemed strange to not have a workout planned for an entire day. That fact did allow alex to get outside on HIS bike and enjoy the weekend spring weather. We took the kids out in the car after dinner and he drove me on the ride he likes... so much better than the one I've been riding, can't wait to try it out! I love having great riding from our house... one of the perks of living out in the country.

Thinking of everyone in SoCal and hoping no one was hurt with the earthquake... from all the accounts that I heard, it sounded like people weren't adversely affected.


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