A story of an absolutely imperative Rest Week!

Last week was a rest week for me. A rest week I definitely needed!

Normally, I'm pretty good about doing I'd say 90% of the workouts my coach plans for me. I was never this diligent before ironman training. Suffice to say the enormity of the 140.6 distance has scared me into this level of commitment to my training.

but last week was different... I had about 10 hours of training planned for the week... I think I did MAYBE 5. The times I missed workouts... I chose to go to bed before 10 instead of working out until midnight... or I checked things off the "to do" list that had been weighing on my mind.

My point... I rested, really rested for almost an entire week!

The result... I had an awesome race on Saturday (report to come) and this week I'm stronger than ever! Yay!

How did I know that I needed this kind of rest? The week before was the last week in a long block on training. My HR was higher than normal in some workouts. My swims were unbearably slow and I would notice, the first 100 would be normal speed, but the 2nd would be 4-5 second slower, 3rd even slower, etc. so I would rest... first would be normal, 2nd slow, etc. I sucked it up for one last run in the training block (my first 20 mile run) and then I just

shut it down... for two entire days! the days following, I took it easy in my workouts, didn't stress when I missed them... it was really nice.

When the week was over, I was ready to get back to it!

7 weeks to Cedar Point Full Rev!!!!!!!


Things I Did During My Rest Week

All3Sports Charity Event to benefit Tri for Kids!

morgan, tat and me before the run - From Racing and Training 2010

A chance to run with, and hang out with all3sports sponsored athletes, Mirinda Carfrae, Craig Alexander and Heather Gollnick!

me, rinny and morgan - From Racing and Training 2010

It was very exciting for me to spend some time talking with Rinny. First of all, she's one of the nicest people you'll meet. Secondly, she'd promised at Rev3 Quassy to tell me after the race if the new run course made the race easier or the same. She said it was generally just as hard. That's what I wanted to hear.

no big deal, just having a laugh with ms. 70.3 - From Racing and Training 2010


  1. Jill. Up until the part about schmoozing it up with Rinny, I could have written this exact post. Word for word.

    It has happened a few times where training has just beaten me up so bad that I had to take some time "off" or at least tone things down so I can come back and do it again next week. Thankfully it takes a lot more to beat me up now than it did a few months ago!


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