Didn't expect the roller coasters so soon!!

One of the things that I am excited about with regards to racing at Cedar Point is the plan to ride the roller coasters the day after ( I might need a wheelchair to get around the park after the race, but I'm riding at least one).

But it seems to me I'm on a roller coaster much sooner than expected...

back it up a couple of weeks ago... I had a post bouncing around in my mind. I was feeling great and my training was going really well. I caught myself thinking "I think I'm supposed to be doing Ironman, this is what my body was made to do."

But, I was hesitant to write it down because 1) I didn't want to jinx myself and 2) I didn't really have anything to say about it! That was kind of it... I felt great, unstoppable and ready to become an ironman!

and then things went all 180 on me...

nothing I can really quantify, more like I just didn't feel as good. Everything felt slow, swim, bike and run... even thinking seemed difficult. Kind of like I was walking around in a fog. And life just seemed to get overwhelming. Like I couldn't manage all the stuff that I had to do. Things that seemed simple a week before, now seemed complicated. I was cranky too... not short tempered, but little things would bug me, like stupid drivers that probably weren't really doing anything wrong...

I've had days like this before, but this went on for 5-6 days... and just went I was starting to get concerned things turned around...

I had a great run one day and made a point a get a good nights sleep a couple nights in a row...

and now I'm feeling pretty good again...

just in time for the worlds craziest week... AJ turns TWO today!!!, it's a race week, Jason starts Kindergarten on Wednesday which entails several pre-first day of school meetings and events... several of which I need to find a sitter for AJ... mid week 20 mile run scheduled because of race this weekend... it's all a little nutty...

I'll get in as many workouts as I can, but you know sometimes I just have to make sure everyone else comes first :-D

So, here is to surviving the ups and downs and the loop-d-loops of 140.6 training!

32 days to go!!!!

Here is a little photo of my little guy in celebration of his 2nd BIRTHDAY!!! It's been a wonderful two years AJ, mommy loves you so much!!

My little guy is two years old today! My goodness how time go... on Twitpic


  1. I've been totally surprised by the emotional/mental toll that training has had on me too.

    I thought I'd just end up being a zombie all the time (except for rest day/weeks) but I'm finding myself on these long-term endorphin highs followed by lows too.

    Oh, and I'm about 90% sure that the roller coasters are all going to be closed on Monday, 9/13. Get there a few days early to get the coasters in before the race!

  2. Oh wow Jamie, I never even considered it would be closed! Thanks for the heads up :D Sorry you've been going through the same thing, it's freaky, right?

    I think I rode to the first 100 mile ride "high" for 2 weeks or more!


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