The Pain Cave? maybe it's a...

Lots of folks talking/writing about the pain cave lately. I loved a line in Kacie's (she's one of my new Trakkers Teammates) riveting 50k race report where she "redecorated" her pain cave. An awesome post from Joel (another new teammie!!), about where the pain cave is located, got me thinking about my pain cave.

I've decided I'm going to think of it as more of a Pain Tunnel

Why a tunnel?

- there is only one way out of a tunnel, but there IS A WAY OUT you just keep moving forward
- by the time you realize your in the pain tunnel, chances are, going back isn't an option because that "out" is farther than going forward
- the proverbial "light" at the end of the tunnel; it's the finish line
- tunnel vision; it's been known to get people to their goals.

So bring on the Pain Tunnel, maybe I'll take Kacie's advice and decorate it, get comfy in there.


  1. I love it. I mostly love the idea of there being an END to it. I was just hanging out in mine during the race Saturday, but I really like the idea of moving through the space rather than just getting stuck in it! Thanks for the mental image! I know I will use it!

  2. I love all the thoughts of the pain caves/tunnels lately! :) I'll have to define this for me too!

  3. My "cave" is pretty bright and it is the only way I get caught up on TV. ha I only watch TV on the trainer really. For the most part I TVio stuff I like and watch it when I go to the cave.

    I like the mental imagery!

  4. Holy moly..............I don't even want to think of the cave. More to the point, I'm still trying to figure out how to get OUT. I want too go to the pizza mountain, forget the pain cave! :)


  5. Love it. I've never liked the term, pain cave. A friend of mine named our relay team Pain Cave MANY years ago and I didn't like it then either. Hurt locker is even worse.

    I go to my favorite quote instead "If you're going through Hell, keep going." Winston Churchill

  6. Just don't make it TOO comfortable. That would totally defeat the purpose.

  7. "Pain cave" might aptly describe running, but the light at the end is your salvation and your goal, which ultimately leads to your happiness in enduring the race.


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