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Today I wondered while I was driving the boys home from karate class...

Let's say you finish Ironman, and you place highly enough in your AG to earn a Kona qualification slot... but you end up in the hospital (for whatever reason) and can't make it to the slot handout the next day would there be any way to claim your spot? Could you send someone in your place?

Does anyone know the answer?


  1. I absolutely know the answer: it's NO. It doesn't matter if you fell into a coma the night before but magically came out of it right after Kona slot acceptance awards. If you are not there, in the moment, to claim your slot - you are OUT. Period. End of story.

    There are lots of example of peole have fairly legit reasons for not making it to claim their award: one of the more famous is Nina Kraft (I think it was at IM Brazil). The bus broke down carrying a bunch of athletes all headed to the Kona Rolldown. As a professional triathlete, Nina had won her slot and was going to claim it. The bus broke down and everyone in it was late. Did Nina still get a slot due to something happening totally out of her control? NOPE. She missed the rolldown, it didn't matter why.


  2. Oh wow!!! Ok thanks Carole!!! So plan is... go hard but not so hard I end up in the hospital overnight. Thanks!!

  3. Yes, ditto everything Carole said...so make sure you crawl, dripping in blood, barely breathing...to claim your slot

  4. I know it's the rule, but it's stupid. BLAH!


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