Metabolic Efficiency Training Weeks 2-4

I haven't been very good about writing about how the MET is going. I think mostly because when I sit down to write about it, it's pretty boring.

I'm sticking to the no bread, whole grains, etc. very easily. After the first week (when I started smelling bread baking for no apparent reason), I just kind of forgot about it. I make sandwiches for my kids every day. I bring them scones for after-school snack. I make pancakes on the weekend, etc.

I really don't want any of it. weird.

My workouts have been going just fine. I haven't ridden over 3 hours yet, but I have had workouts over 4 hours (1 hour swim, 3 hour ride) with no calories in except a half a mix1 lean performance in between. I do eat breakfast on these days (I haven't done the workout 1st in am with no breakfast yet).

My main observation in my workouts, the long slow zone 2 stuff is great. zone 3 is feeling good too. Even low end zone 4 is ok, although mentally tougher (I think because I EXPECT it to be tougher without the Liquid Shot topping off my tank). But, top zone 4/zone 5; WOW. I can hold that kind of effort for maybe 2 min without blowing up (vs 10-15 min when I'm eating "normal".) But I'm in the section of my training right now, where I don't really perceive that to be a problem. In fact, it's taught me a lot of mental tricks to get through these intervals even though I'm feeling not so great.

The numbers of my training (pace, watts, etc.) are coming along just fine. No quicker than I would normally expect, but I'm am progressing and not getting weaker.

So far longest run w/o calories coming in: 1:40
Longest Bike without calories: 3:00

no bonking in either of them, although there is a specific period where I start to feel "weak" and then when I get to the other side of that moment, I find my body responds to stimulus as I'd expect it to. For example, the long run above, was 30 min EZ, then 1:00 surges every 6:00 min. Around the 1:15 mark, I started to feel tired and wishing I was done. but when the watch beeped for my 1:00 surge, I found I was able to surge and after that my energy levels stayed steady for remainder of run.

but back to the everyday eating, because that's really a big difference for me. It's a little tricky, now that I've been eating like this for a month, when I do "cheat" (which you are supposed to do based on the book) if I'm not careful about what I eat with my cheat, it can send me into a sugar coma the likes of which I now do EVERYTHING I can to avoid.

Unfortunately, sometimes sugar sneaks in on you... for example, I was out to lunch with my boys at a Vietnamese place they love. I was struggling to find something on the menu that I could eat when I settled on the green mango salad with grilled veggies. Sounds totally "on plan" right?

the offending salad

Well, I didn't ask for dressing on the side. and this was swimming in a vinegar based dressing. it tasted good (which should have clued me in) and it wasn't a creamy dressing (nor oil based) so I decided to go for it.
there must have been a 1/2 lb of sugar in that dressing
Shortly after we left the restaurant my stomach became unsettled. Then as I'm driving my boys home I start to feel REALLY REALLY sleepy. As we pull into the house, I am thanking my lucky stars that I can put the little guy down for a nap. I try to talk my older son into taking a nap with me, but I did get him to agree to play in his room. I proceeded to PASS OUT (really there is no other word for it) on his bed. He woke me up about 30 min later, and I felt drunk. It took me a good 2-3 hours before I started to feel normal again. Luckily, I had a bike planned for that evening so I was able to "use up" that sugar in my body. (Also gave me some interesting data for how those intervals will feel once I add whole grains back in my diet I think)

So I guess my point is that "cheats" just don't sound good anymore, because I am constantly worried about having another episode like that.

That being said, I really can't get through life without ANY chocolate or Ice-Cream, my two biggest vices. So Ice cream is a once a week treat and I just a small amount and right after a meal so that the flow of sugar into my system slows down a bit. Chocolate (as in DARK Chocolate Nibs) has found it's way into my snack mix. So it's always with nuts etc. I also found Raw Cocoa which I sprinkle on my plain yogurt everyday for breakfast. Yum! I've always liked bitter chocolate over sweet, so it's working for me here.

A couple of the "new" foods for me:

Breakfast - used to be CEREAL!!! yum yum! but now is scrambled eggs with fruit and veggies OR plain yogurt with frozen fruit, sprouted chia, raw cocoa powder and a drizzle of honey. I'd take a picture of the yogurt but it actually looks gross ha ha. And I'm not putting up another picture of my eggs, because I've gotten too much teasing from people (apparently it didn't look like enough food, but it was 4 eggs and I MAY have had more strawberries and peas than the picture showed.

Snacktime - used to be popcorn, crackers, pretzels, etc. Now I carry around a bag of mixed nuts with those dark chocolate nibs in there. Not a ton, but enough to have that YUM factor. Dried fruit. Also, on days when I can, I'll have fresh, raw veggies (green beans, carrots, snow peas, broccoli, etc) available in the car. Anything CRUNCHY! When I snack at home I reach for the cottage cheese, cheese sticks, veggies and fruit.

Dinners - probably the toughest bet because at least 2-3 nights each week are "eat in the car" night because of swim lessons, karate practice and piano. I usually make pasta for the boys and bring it in thermoses in the car. Seriously, it's too perfect in one thermos they get protein (usually chicken), veg (tomatoes sauce and usually I buy ravioli with spinach in it) and of course the pasta. What about me!?!? I'm still trying to find a good solution. Usually I just pack all the fixin's for a salad and pick at it while I drive. This isn't a perfect solution though, because I am getting DAMN tired of eating salad. :D

I've been using Mix 1 Lean Performance as a Recovery drink. But I have to admit, I went for my First Endurance Ultragen after my run on Sunday and I felt fine on it. (no sugar spike). So after really long stuff, I'm going back to Ultragen from now on.

During workouts I've been strictly water and electrolytes. If I feel the need to a little flavor kick, I bring out the NUUN! The flavors are awesome (so far I've tried Orange, Grape, Citrus Fruit and Strawberry Lemonade and I'd recommend any of them!)
In short, I'm sticking with it for the time being. body seems to be responding well during workouts. I'll probably add whole grains back into my diet here shortly as training hours and intensity are due to start ramping up.
That's about where we are with it! I'd love to hear any questions from folks!

Big thanks to Megan for leaving her comment on the last post, it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to sit down and write this one! :D

And the last note on this... weight loss has stayed the same as those initials 3 lbs lost during the first week. I haven't gained it back, but it hasn't gone down anymore. My body doesn't give weight up very easily.


  1. And people say Im crazy! That is a serious diet. I would be dead in two days.

  2. Great update. MOre than anything I was really impressed with the thermos dinner. We usually stop at Subway :)

  3. dang you are not fooling around with that diet (-: Well done! Can't wait to read about how it progresses!


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