It could be terrible or be great! You Choose.

There is a song that I've been enjoying the last couple of months. It made me chuckle at myself because is was by a band that also performs a song that I'd ALWAYS made fun of and is now so overplayed I want to rip my eardrums out when it plays on the radio at the gym. (thank goodness for ipods!!) So anyhow, I felt, okay this is a cheesy song, but I really really like it and couldn't figure out why.

Today in the car, my 6 year old son asked me to play it, but I didn't have it on my phone, so I looked it up on YouTube and found this video. At the beginning of the video, the lead singer introduces the song and it's meaning:
"Everyday when you wake up you get to choose what that day's gonna be. it could suck or it could be amazing, it could be terrible or it could be good, and I kind of have a theory that you could decide to make whatever day it is a good day." -Ryan Tedder

Ah! that's why! I feel the same way, cheesy or not! Not only can we approach each day like this, but each moment!

So without further ado, a song guaranteed to get stuck in your head and be so overplayed you will one day need to cover your ears when it comes on to the radio but I will always love:

Good Life - One Republic


  1. This song was used as an intro to Wimbledon this year. Any song used in a sport I love, love it. Although, it is overplayed and I have satellite radio!

  2. I like the song!!! I haven't heard it because I'm not in the car long enough to hear it...and john listens to nothing but Sports talk :-)

  3. Definitely overplayed, but it is still way better than most of the songs on top 40 radio right now.

    I also hate songs that randomly list out cities as a cheap ploy to identify with people that live there. Especially "boston" by Augustana.

    Positive mental attitude!

  4. So glad you guys like it too! Meredith - I have satellite radio too and get so frustrated when they have the same song on two or three stations at the same time :D
    Jamie - Positive Mental Attitude all the way :D :D and if I was from a big town (like Boston) that would bug me too!


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