Things I Know

Yesterday I tweeted my excitement that we are only 6 days (well now 5) out from Ironman Louisville.

One of my friends replied back asking how many Kona slots would most likely be available in my Age Group.

My reply to her was:
usually 3; the plan is to race my race and let the slots fall where they may :) control what I can control :)

I've been saying this in some form or another for several months now, but somehow seeing it so succinct, in a tweet, it really hit home.

Control What I Can Control.

I can't control how many slots there are, I can't control who shows up or how fast they are, I can't control the weather or a bunch of other variables of Ironman racing. But there is a lot that I can control. There are a lot of things that I know for certain...

So here are the things that I know:
I know my body is prepared to race the race I want to race.
I know my mind is ready to fight for what I want.
I know my family is cheering for me.
I know my friends and Trakkers/Rev3 teammates are cheering for me.
I know I don't care what the weather will be. It will be what it will be and I'm okay with that.
I know I have a solid nutrition plan.
I know that I have good simple back up plans should my original nutrition plan not work for some reason.
I know my bike is tuned and ready to go. (thanks to my awesome husband!)
I know how to change a tubular should I get a flat tire (and just in case I put a cue card with steps for changing a tubular in my bike bag)
I know the bike course and I know I have a solid race plan.
I know there is nothing more I can do for my hip/leg at the point, but give it rest and know that I can fight through any pain it might present on race day.
I know that what does not kill me makes me stronger.
I know that I am stronger than I was last year.
I know
that I am ready for this race, I'm ready for this fight.

So here I come Louisville. Let's lay it all out there and see what happens!


  1. Things I know: Jill is awesome, Jill is going to give 110% of what she has on Sunday, Jill will race smart and have fun while she does it :-) OH and I heart Jill!!!

  2. I know that I am beyond excited for you...I just wish I could be there in person for a pre-swim pep talk and lots of loud screaming on course!!! GO JILL!!!

  3. I just love your determination, attitude and outlook! You will have an amazing day and the whole Derrick family will be cheering you on from Virginia!! GO GIRL!

  4. I love it! You are a warrior and will do great, especially with that awesome attitude. I'm excited to follow you on Sunday. :-)

  5. You put your heart and soul into it. Now its time to find out what the day has in store. Sending all the best vibes your way.

  6. Wow, I'm just getting around to reading this and you're racing RIGHT NOW! I hope you have an awesome day today and that one of those Kona slots does fall to you. Even if it doesnt, though, I know you'll do great!


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