1BandID - maybe you need one too!

As a wife, mom, daughter, friend, etc. I am a big fan of the RoadID idea... always have your info on your person so that if something happens while you are out running or riding you've all the necessary info with you.

If you think about it, how many times are you out there on your own?

or even when riding with friends, do they even know your emergency contact?  I've ridden with groups before that I bet might not even know that I'm married, let alone my husband's first name and contact info!

So I went ahead an got my RoadID... first a very good friend gave me one for a Christmas gift.  It fit on my running shoe, which was great for running...

My husband got me the bracelet one for when I was riding my bike...

Great! Except that...


I know a lot of folks that wear their's all the time, but that's just wasn't working for me either...

Then I saw my friend Jamie's twitter post about his 1BandID!

It fits on your watch band!


I mean, I always have my watch on me! running and riding AND open water swimming!

I did have a question about it though... my wrists are fairly small and I wasn't sure if there was enough real estate on my watch band.

I contacted the awesome folks at 1BandID and asked the question, have they ever had an issue with it not fitting on someone's watch?

Joe told me that they haven't had any issues, but that I could send him a picture of my watch on my wrist and he'd let me know if he thought it would fit.

Joe's response was very honest... he wasn't sure if it would fit.  He offered to send me one so that I could try it out before I purchased.

How awesome is that?!?!

So I gave him all my info and in the end he actually just made it for me and sent it to me to try out.

My first time running with it I loved it.  What ended up happening is that where the band wraps around my watch band, it ends of making my wrist "bigger" and making the watch actually fit more comfortably!  So while my watch as I had it before wouldn't have "fit" the ID, once I had the cushion it made the band big enough.

So happy!!!

I wore it during the Goofy Challenge last weekend, no chaffing, and to be honest I didn't even notice that I had my watch on during the race! Usually it bugs me a little because it bounces around and starts to bruise my wrist when I run a marathon.  This was 39.3 miles in two days and it was perfect!

Thanks 1BandID! I love how comfy this made my watch and now I'll never leave home without my In Case of Emergency info!!

Disclosure: As a tester I received my 1BandID free of charge.


  1. See?! I told you they were comfortable. I'd never lead you astray Jill.

  2. Clever...very very clever!!

    Congrats on your recent marathon...and a half! that
    "1BandID should have been free of charge after what you just accomplished!! Looking forward to reading more about you and your training!

    Kuddos to you!

  3. @Jamie yes! I know you've got my back! (mile 22, you'd better be there!) :D :D

  4. @On the Right Track Thanks! I'm looking forward to following you and your journey! Go get 'em!! :D

  5. Wow... okay, that's awesome! I would love something to attach to my watch. Off to check them out! :)


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