It's just hair

I am a lucky girl. I happen to have a lot of hair, that I can grow fairly long...

It's a good thing for me because I tend not to be very good about getting around to getting it cut...  So, I've developed a pattern... grow hair long... donate hair... grow hair long... donate hair... repeat...

This was the fourth time I've donated my hair to Locks of Love.

I am pretty sure this is the longest and largest donation I've ever made...  I was lucky enough to be able to donate 4 braids each one about 15" long.  I really hope it makes someone feel better.

I was also lucky enough to have my friend Andrea along for morale support.  She's an amazing photographer (check her out here at and documented the entire process.

Swinging it for the last time :D - It looks pretty good for being almost 4 years old! Thank you TriSwim for keeping it healthy!!

As ready as I'll ever be!!  I was actually VERY nervous!!

LB isn't certain that I'm ready for this big of a change

Braiding the hair


cutting time!!


One last cut and then...

short hair!!

A moment with hair that was with me through, birth of 1 child, training for 2 140.6 tris and a whole lot more! I think it's got a lot of strength in it and I hope it helps someone out there fight the good fight!

finished product

Self Portrait with new hair - no worries, I was in a parked car :D

Big thanks to LB at Soda Salon in Roswell, GA for an amazing hair cut! She spent 2.5 hours on my hair!!


Also, of course to Andrea, for coming along to make sure I didn't chicken out!  She also was the person that picked out the new hairstyle.

Thanks to my Husband, for NOT freaking out about it, and actually liking me with my new short hair.

Huge thanks to TRISWIM for keeping my hair healthy enough to donate!! Seriously, can't say this enough, this is a huge deal!! When I think of the miles and miles of swimming that this hair went through with me, the fact that is wasn't damaged is unbelievable!  I wash my hair with TriSwim products every day and I know that's why it was still looking good in the end :D

The Good Stuff

How do I feel??  Well strange, actually... I don't recognize myself in the mirror and it's a little hard to get used to, but I feel good about make the change and hopefully helping folks in the process.

and as my friend Kristin says...  "It's just hair!"

at home


  1. What a beautiful post and a beautiful gift! Further proof that you are a gorgeous person (with short hair, long hair, and both inside and out!)

  2. I love this.... YOu are awesome. think it's great that you documented it!!!! See this again in 4 years?? What will THAT hair have been through?

  3. Love love LOVE this post! You are such a cool gal, I am so glad to know you! :) (AND YOU ARE TOTALLY ROCKIN THE NEW CUT!)

  4. What an awesome post Jill. So cool you documented it so well. And like i've said you look smoking HOT with that new hair cut!!

  5. You look absolutely stunning with short hair!!! :) I love love love it!

  6. LOVE your new haircut! I don't think I've ever had hair long enough to donate. But I love that sentiment.

  7. Thanks everyone!! I'm starting to get used to the really short hair, and I'm actually kind of diggin' it :D

  8. Fantastic post! What a great cause and what an awesome cut!


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