Off the Injured Reserve list!!

Pretty big news this week... first off all, I am so excited to be a member of Team Rev3 again this season.

We had a fun fun (and informational) team summit in Boulder, CO last week which was INCREDIBLE!!!

We met with our fabulous 2013 team sponsors and it was great fun to meet with so many team members new and old!! Check out this fabulous looking crew:

I'll be highlighting some of the really cool things we learned from our sponsors over this season. Guys, it's great stuff, I am so excited!  Here is a little look at our sponsors:
  • SBR Sports: TriSwim, TriSlide, and Foggle - you guys know how I feel about this stuff already - LOVE IT!!!
  • NormaTec: compression boots - Alex took mine last year, looking forward to getting some use out of ours this year!!
  • Compex: Electrostimulation systems - OMG so excited about this!! My massage therapist is also excited that I have access to this!!
  • Quintana Roo - I've already mentioned/suggested/begged Alex for one of these after seeing the presentation, I've never been in love with a bike before, but that Illicito... man, I want that bike haha
  • Reynolds Cycling - great information about WHY they make their wheels they way they do, I want to do a big ol post on this at some point.
  • PowerBar - rocking the best tasting gels and protein bars.
  • Pearl Izumi - So excited about this! More info coming soon!
  • blueseventy - I finally found a goggle that fits my face! and these guys have so much more.
  • Biotta beet juice - apparently beet juice helps you kick ass!! I'll be testing it for sure :D

I also have pretty big news for little old me...

As of today I am no longer considering myself "INJURED"!!!!

This is a big step for me mentally. I've felt so bad for so long. Added to that was that things didn't seem to be getting much better... It's been very very hard for me to face my daily life without the option of a good long run or a hard trainer session. I have found that these are the things I need to thrive. It's an interesting introspection.

I am as out of shape as you'd imagine someone to be who hasn't regularly worked out since APRIL 17, 2012 would be.


I'm moving forward and working out and PAIN FREE!

So I'm sticking with my current plan for 2013, NO MORE STICKY NOTES!

CELEBRATING my ability to swim, bike and run!!!!


  1. Yeah! So glad you are off the injured list! Can't wait to see you this season!

  2. Hurray! So glad to finally meet you and that you are back at it! 2013 is going to be great!

  3. Great to catch up this weekend. So glad you're off the IR! Wishing you a great year.

  4. Thanks everyone!! I'm like a kid in the candy store these days!!!

  5. Congrats!

    PowerBar gels also work wonders during a multi-day labor! Thank heavens for an OB who understood!


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