Project ReUseIt - an Update

Short little update on Project ReUseIt....

This was something I started last January, a commitment to go until July without buying anything new.

I guess it proved that I'm just not much of a shopper, because it wasn't hard at all.

I think it was hardest on Alex... he's the shopper in this house...

The cool thing, is that it did halt our spending a lot.  We kind of triple think most purchases anymore.

I am disappointed though, I thought I would figure out all the cool consignment and second hand shops around here and that didn't happen.  The truth was that my mom and Alex's mom love to buy clothes for the boys so I hardly ever need to buy them anything.  And AJ is mostly in hand-me-downs anyhow... and as for Alex, he just wears Rev3 shirts all the time :D and I'm in jeans and a t-shirt.

Oh and the vegetarian meal thing never went beyond 1 or 2 a week... but now we are eating No Sugar No Grain (more on this in the coming month) so I'm venturing into a whole new recipe challenge!

Man, we are boring people hahaha

So that's the update, it ended up being SO much easier than I thought it would be.


  1. Haha. Nice work.

    I'm similar. I recently bought the first new pair of jeans in about 5 years. Only because all my other jeans had literally fallen apart.


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