Compensation Patterns

I am sure that many of you reading this will see yourself (as me) in the following conversation with my massage therapist as we discuss my therapy plan to get me back to better...

Rick (MT): So you did some damage this week (we know this because I wince every time he touches my left leg), we are going to need a bailout plan
Me (blank look on my face): bailout plan?
Rick: When you feel these pain patterns coming back you need to bailout of the workout.
Me: So, if it hurts... I need to stop??
*dramatic pause* Rick: Yes.  (seeing my confused face and continues) When you push through the pain, you are just repeating the compensation patterns that we are trying to break. You aren't getting better.
Me: Ok, so if it hurts, I should just hop off the treadmill and finish up in the pool?
Rick: Or maybe STOP and get a smoothie.

In other words, Jill, what is the hurry, do you want to do this quick or do it right?

Okay, I want to do it right.

So today, things hurt... so I bailed on the run and spent sometime stretching in the hot tub.

*patting myself on the back*

It's hard breaking compensation patterns... especially when the biggest compensation pattern is your brain telling you to get the work in, and not worry about the pain.

As my friend Dani said in her interview at Carrie Regan Coaching:
"Pain is a sign your body is giving you that something isn’t right. There is a big difference in pain and discomfort. "
So here is to coming to a better understanding of the difference between PAIN and DISCOMFORT.

Embrace the discomfort, shun the pain.


  1. Great words of advice. Plus the hot tub is more fun than the run some days (okay, most days) and who doesn't like a smoothie!

    Slow and steady wins the race my dear!

  2. It took me a LONG time to learn that lesson! Stinks to hear you're having "pain" again :(

  3. I am STILL learning this lesson. Like in January when I saw 5-10 minutes of running on my schedule, I thought "are you kidding me?" but I have been running (KNOCK ON WOOD) since Jan 1 without pain---slowly slowly adding minutes.

    It is soooooo hard to bag a workout but sometimes it is completely necessary!


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